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Currently available to Brown University Students at The Sharpe Refectory and Andrews Commons

To Users

• Saves time - No waiting in line

• No more worrying about rush hour periods

• Preemptively check menu at each eatery

To Universities

• Increases Quality of Service

• Spreads out rush-hour traffic

• Increases the number of orders that can be processed

• Increases worker efficiency

How Deployment Works

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Purchase Equipment

All you need are iPads or your preferred tablets with appropriate accessories such as wall-mounts and or anti-theft cases.

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Directly and freely add your dishes and eateries to the database for users to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Info

  • Who can make an account?

    Only people with an email address for your school can make an account on Nomnomz for your school. For example, at Brown University, only people with an @brown.edu email can make a Nomnnomz account for Brown.

  • Where has Nomnomz been launched so far?

    Nomnomz is currently launched at the Sharpe Refectory and Andrews Commons Dining Hall at Brown University and is expanding the service to other eateries at the university.

  • What platforms is Nomnomz available on?

    Nomnomz is currently available on any device with an iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Our Android app is under development and will be ready for launch shortly.

  • Can we request features?

    You may absolutely request features! We always love to head your thoughts and ideas on our software so we may constantly improve to provide the best possible service we can. Just email us at team@nomnomz.co!

  • Basics | How does Nomnomz Work?

  • How is the menu created and edited?

    The menu is quickly and easily created and edited using the Nomnomz Producer app that your school is provided the ability to log in to. Creating a menu takes roughly 10 minutes per eatery and is very simply. Editing menu data is even simpler requiring a single swipe and click for most edits.

  • How are orders placed?

    Orders are placed by users on the Nomnomz app. Once they have an account, they simply open the app, select what they want and press submit.

  • How long does a user have to pick up their order?

    When a food service worker marks an order as completed, the user is notified they must pick up their meal within 30 minutes of placing it. This is done to ensure freshness of orders and to abide by food health guidelines. The 30 minute deadline is not a hard deadline however. Instead it is a soft dealing with some flexibility as workers must mark a completed order as not picked up for it to be cancelled. This prevents the situation from arising of a user being unable to pick up their meal shortly after the 30 minute timer expires.

  • How are users held accountable if they don’t pick up an order?

    Users are blocked from using Nomnomz if they fail to pick up an order they place three times. This prevents significant abuse of the system by any individual user. Furthermore, the information of users who do this is recorded and can be provided to dining services if requested.

  • How do we handle orders coming in electronically and from people in line physically?

    At most stations in eateries, one electronic order should be filled for every in-line order filled such that food service workers switch between making orders for people in line and making electronically placed orders. At some stations, such as an omelet station with four burners, one of the four burners could be dedicated to electronic orders while the others remain for physical burners.

  • What ratio of users in-line physically to electronic orders should we select?

    We strongly recommend a 1-1 ratio. This allows electronic orders to be very quickly filled and encourages people to place electronic orders which eliminates more in-line wait times for students, saving them time and increasing the efficiency of your operations.

  • How do we tell students about this ratio? They will be wondering why they have to wait after each person in line ahead of them after all.

    Simply place a Nomnomz sign at each station at each eatery telling students that one electronic order is filled for every order filled from students in line. They will become accustomed to this so long as the information is provided.

  • Contacts

  • How do we contact you?

    Please feel free to contact us at any time by email with any questions, concerns and requests. We will respond very promptly. Our email is: team@nomnomz.co

  • Who are your referrals?

    Associate Director of Brown University Dining Services, Mr. Peter Rossi, has worked with us to launch Nomnomz at Brown and is open to discuss our service with you. If you would like to contact him, please email us at team@nomnomz.co, and we will provide you his contact information (we do not wish to openly post his contact information on our site to respect his privacy).

  • Who have you worked with?

    We have worked extensively with Brown University Dining Services to launch the Nomnomz software platform there.

  • Who are your advisors?

    Professor John Jannotti of Brown University cofounded the highly successful food ordering and deliver company, Foodler, and is our primary advisor. Michael Seibel of Y Combinator founded and sold Justin TV for 60 million dollars and is also an advisor to us.

  • Data Collection

  • What data do you collect?

    We collect user email addresses, names and all in-app activity. User passwords are securely collected and stored by Parse Inc.

  • How do you use the data you collect?

    We use the collected app data for data analysis that we are working to provide to our clients to benefit their operations. We do NOT sell any of the data to other clients.

  • Deployment

  • How do we launch Nomnomz at our school?

    Simply email team@nomnomz.co if you would like to launch the service at your institution. We will reply quickly and begin working with you to launch. The Nomnomz platform can be deployed at your school very quickly by our team including setting up the software on the purchased tablets and worker training. Based on our results at Brown, the average dining hall takes 10 minutes to create the menu for. At a school of roughly 8,000 students, the whole system can be launched in a day.

  • What is the process for launching Nomnomz at our school after establishing contact?

    We will create a launch plan for your school with all the necessary details for launching Nomnomz at your school. In the plan, for each section of each eatery, there will be pictures with markings of equipment placement, the names, cost and links of the equipment that must be purchased, markings on the pictures of where the orders will be stored and descriptions of how workers will process Nomnomz orders at that particular station. Your institution will need to purchase all of the necessary equipment as specified in our briefing and we will set up the software, train workers and work with you to manage the system.

  • How much worker training is needed?

    Training consists of a roughly thirty minute hands-on walkthrough of the software with food service workers. Functionality in the software is explained, demonstrated and then we have food service workers utilize the functionality to show understanding. Instructional sheets are also provided in case workers forget certain actions in the future. We encountered no difficulties training workers at Brown and they found it clean and easy to use.

  • Payment

  • How much does Nomnomz cost to launch at our school?

    Nomnomz does not charge a service fee for the first semester of use.In the first semester, all that is required is that your institution purchase and maintain the equipment necessary to launch the service. Following a semester of use, we will reconvene and charge a nominal service fee should you elect to continue providing the service to your students.

  • Does Nomnomz cost anything for our users?

    Nomnomz does NOT charge users for the service. The service is for their benefit after all!

  • Security

  • What security measures are used for your system?

    Our system uses Parse Inc.’s services for our backend. Some basic information of Parse’s services can be seen here. Our system was approved for launch at Brown University by Brown Computer Information Security. Please let us know if you would like to contact the head of Brown CIS, Mr. Geoffrey Greene, to discuss this and we will provide you his contact information (we do not wish to openly post his contact information on our site to respect his privacy).

  • What is your backend/API/database?

    Nomnomz utilizes Parse Inc.’s services for the entirety of our backend (database / API). As a description, "Parse is a cloud app platform that enables users to add a scalable and powerful backend to launch a full-featured app." Facebook acquired the company, and over 60,000 iOS, Android and web apps use the service. All communication with Parse utilizes HTTPS. Please see FAQ question 9 concerning Parse’s extensive security measures.

  • Do we use Shibboleth single sign on?

    We do not use Shibboleth and instead utilize Parse, Inc.’s highly secure service for the full sign up routine (and our entire backend).


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